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Angular Material Starter Template is a free template built with Angular 8 and Angular Material 8. You can use it out of the box without having to change any file paths. Everything you need to start development on an Angular 8 project is here.

Angular Material starter template has been built with the official style guide in mind, which means it promotes a clean folder structure and separation of concerns. The material template is fully responsive and contains the fundamental building blocks of a scalable Angular application:

  • Login component
  • Password reset component
  • Responsive Admin dashboard with sidebar
  • Account area with change password component
  • Log out
  • All Angular Material components

In addition to Angular 8, other well-known open-source libraries such as rxjs, moment and ngx-logger are also included.

This application template came as a result of several applications that we have developed over the past few years. We have always used Angular Material components and wanted to create a starter template to save time for greenfield projects. We developed it based on user feedback and it is a powerful Angular admin dashboard, which allows you to build products like admin panels, content management systems (CMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Starter Template Features

  • Clean folder structure
  • Core module
  • Shared module
  • Example feature modules
  • Lazy-loaded feature modules
  • Global error-handling
  • Error logging with ngx-logger (logging to browser & remote API)
  • HTTP Interceptors to inject JWT-tokens Authentication and role guards (for Role-based access)
  • Shows spinner for all HTTP requests
  • Angular flex layout

Browser Support

At present, we officially aim to support the last two versions of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera


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