Hello, I’m Umut 👋🏻

Pleased to meet you. I am a software developer from Edinburgh, UK.

I’m currently working at Royal London where I help build solutions that combine powerful functionality with intuitive design. Prior to Royal London, I worked as a full-stack developer in a wide range of industries like healthcare, oil & gas and education.

When I’m not working, I like to explore this beautiful planet with my wife and little princess.

I often write about my findings on this blog. I research things I find interesting, then document my research with a public blog post, which I can easily find and refer to later. Hopefully other people will find these posts helpful, relevant, or interesting.

I firmly believe that blogs are a two way conversation, so I welcome email and comments – as long as they’re on topic, more or less.

You can find me on LinkedInStack Overflow or GitHub.


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