Angular Material Calendar Component

You use Angular Material components in your application because it offers a consistent set of UI controls. You have a requirement to implement a Material calendar component but there isn't one available officially. This simple guide will show you how to use the internal calendar component that is available as…


Automate API Documentation with NSwag

Producing documentation is a laborious task that most developers dislike greatly. Considering software delivery is an iterative approach, maintaining documentation becomes a full time work, especially for public APIs. For small teams and solo devs, tools like NSwag can do the heavy lifting of creating and maintaining documentation, automatically. The…


Enable CORS in .NET Core

Due to the same-origin policy, most browsers restrict making requests to different domains than the originally served the website. This is a security feature that prevents a harmful site from accessing sensitive data on other sites. If you are developing an API though, cross-origin requests (CORS) are something you want…


5 Angular CLI Tips You Should Know

As Angular developers, we often interact with the command-line interface (CLI) to scaffold components and manage packages. It is very important to master the CLI to make sure your development flow is smooth. Having developed several Angular applications myself, I have come to realise the 5 tips below. Shorten commands…

Parse PDF Documents in Angular with PDFjs
Parse PDF documents with pdfjs in Angular

Parse PDF Documents in Angular with PDFjs

Generate a new Angular application, if you do not have one already: ng new PdfReader Download pdfjs-dist from npm: npm install pdfjs-dist Create a service under src folder using the following command: ng generate service PdfReader Replace the contents of the generated service with the following: import { Injectable }…