There have been many new beginnings shared on LinkedIn over the past few weeks. It looks like the new year sparked a number of career changes, and I am no exception.

I am thrilled to share my next career move, but let me look back on my time at Royal London first..

What I achieved at Royal London

I joined Royal London in May 2019 as a Senior Software Engineer, covering the full stack using .NET and Angular.

Royal London was very attractive to me at the time. It had amazing employee reviews and was ranked #2 best place to work for in the UK on glassdoor.

Working in a paired programming environment with a strict test-driven development workflow gave me the chance to explore a side of web development I hadn’t explored before.

I had the opportunity to work with .NET, Angular, Java, Spring Boot, Azure, Jenkins. And of course, some legacy tech like JSF and SVN. I absorbed a lot of information and new tech, and expanded my skill set.

Over the course of almost four years, I overhauled legacy codebases, re-wrote legacy web applications into SPAs. Involved in many initiatives to enhance applications and fix bugs.

I also interviewed, onboarded and mentored developers, and had the pleasure of working with some amazing colleges.

Time to move on

I’m extremely proud of everything that I have achieved at Royal London.

It was a journey with lots of ups and downs!

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. I felt it was time for me to get a change in scenery – and, January 6th, 2023 was my last working day at Royal London.

Joining Modulr

I am proud to announce that I’ve joined Modulr as a Senior Front End Engineer!

Modulr is a company that has crafted a world-class payment platform for moving money efficiently through business and the economy.

My first day was January 9th, 2022 and I couldn’t be more excited.

Specialising in front-end

I’ve been a full-stack developer throughout my career, and it has been amazing. This helped me hone a suite of skills that will serve me throughout my career, but my came to realise my passion is front-end development. I’m excited that I get to change gears and specialise in my preferred vertical.

I’ll be bringing my Angular expertise to Modulr to help shape the future of their customer portal solution.

Why Modulr

At this point in my career I am in a privileged situation where I can be picky about what my future looks like. I interviewed with a few companies in Q4 of 2022 and got some offers.

Having built software for a wide range of industries, I have seen experience working for varying sizes of companies. I wanted to find a company that put its employees first, believed in its product, aligned with my values and ultimately, had great career growth potential. Through the recruitment process, I was able to meet some of the amazing people and confirmed Modulr is really a great place to be utilising my skills and growing my career as a Software Engineer.

As part of onboarding, I attended ModStart, which is a 3 day session to set up new starters for success at Modulr. This was an exciting week covering the Why, What and How of Modulr and allowed me to understand the business, the culture and the ‘Modulr Way’.

I could not be more excited about my future at Modulr!

Umut Esen

Software Engineer specialising in full-stack web application development.

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